Heir Poll


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Traits: Absent-Minded, Virtuoso, Natural Cook, Lucky
LTW: Hit Movie Composer
Color: Purple
Prom Queen

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Traits: Mean Spirited, Bookworm, Artistic, Ambitious
LTW: Magic Makeover
Color: Aqua
Prom:  Romantic interest Cedric cheated the next morning

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Traits: Natural Cook, Artistic, Perceptive, Ambitious
Color:  Spice Brown
Prom: Nothing Notable happened.

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Traits: Good, Virtuoso, Nurturing, Perceptive.
LTW:  Hit Movie Composer
Color: White
Prom: Prom King. The only one to have an actual date.  He is now going steady with Nathaniel O’Reilly.

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Traits: Commitment Issues, Kleptomaniac, Charismatic, Computer Whiz
Color:  White
Prom:  Met Misti Rourke-Chiffon and they are romantic.

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2nd Heir Poll


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Brick is the oldest son of Amalia and Butterscotch Chiffon.  Brick was ignored a lot as a child and was cared for by Tucker and Keely mostly.  Amalia did teach him some of his skills.  As a teen, Brick is mostly in the background.  He likes to work out and go to school most of the time.  He did get on the honor roll in high school.  He has two half-brothers through Butterscotch, Nathanial and Rashad.  He is a 6th generation Chiffon through is dad.  I believe that would account for his pale green eyes.

Brick looks like Amalia.  He has her eye color and Butterscotch’s hair color.

If chose for heir, the generation color would be aqua.

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Brick did get a romantic interest at prom.  Marcia Sargeant-Pie is a 4th generation Twinbrookian.  Her great-grandparents are Shamus and Eva Drudge and Bobby and Scout Sargeant.  She is Bram’s cousin..  Marcia has been out with Brick on a couple of dates leading up to prom.  Brick knows that she is a Hopeless Romantic, Virtuoso, and Handy.

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Bram is the second son for Amalia and the only son of her dead husband, Douglas.  By the time Bram left childhood, he had 18 friends, mostly kids from school and the people that his mom battled at chess.  He was doted on by Keely.  He likes playing chess and working out.  He has even been known to pick up a guitar from time to time  As a high schooler, he made it on the honor for a second time.  He has gone out on dates, but mostly he just gets stood up.

Bram seems to be an interesting mix of his parents.  He has Douglas’ hair, but not his ears.  He has random green eyes that might come from his dad’s family, but this is currently unknown.  His face is more Amalia shaped though.  He is 3rd generation from both sides of his family.

If chosen for heir, the generation color would be yellow.

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Bram’s romantic interest from prom is Danette Chiffon-Starburst.  She is a 3rd generation child like Bram.  Her grandparents are Bubbie and Chantilly Lace Chiffon.  Their son dated an immigrant girl named Denise.  Bram knows that she is a Perfectionist and Artistic.  She is also a Fairy like he is and her favorite color (found out while fixing her wings) is also yellow.

1st Heir Poll


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Ace is the oldest child.  He is sort of boring now, but he was really interesting as a child.  He and Brenna mapped out their lives as young children.  They are still best friends even though there are rumors that she is dating another man.

Brenna is a really good looking girl.  The downfall I see is that her and Ace look a lot alike and even have the same coloring.  Ace does look a lot like Keely.

Ace:  Insane, Neat, Hopeless Romantic and Artistic.  LTW:  None yet.
Brenna:   Excitable, Eccentric, Snob, Ambitious.  LTW:  Swimming in Cash

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Amalia is a daddy’s girl.  She resents it when he is not paying attention to her.  Other than that, she is one who likes to learn.  She spends most of her time on the computer.  Amalia gets her coloring from Keely, but she seems to look a lot likeTucker.

Douglas is the closest thing she has to spouse potential…if you can forgive the fact that he has an unhealthy attachment to Keely.   He was a frequent visitor after school.

Amalia:  Insane, Athletic, Computer Whiz, Lucky.  LTW:  Super Popular (11/20 friends already).
Douglas: Party Animal, Schmoozer, Loves the Outdoors, Workaholic.  LTW: CEO of a Mega Corporation.

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Aric (Amalia’s twin) , was only known for going over to some ugly Bayless girl’s house and wanting to run away.  He is over-protective of his mother and is a bit of a chauvinist, evidenced when he tried to force her to cook because it was her “job” and telling her to get dressed whenever Douglas came around.  He spends his time on the computer.

Aric never really connected with anyone outside of his family.

Aric stands out to me because he is the only one who got his dad’s hair and eye color, but looks like Keely and has her skin tone.

Ace is bisexual, so if Brenna does indeed get snapped up, the whole world is available to him.
Aric and Amalia are both straight.