A Small List of Rules


Now, let’s go over some rules for this here ISBI.

1. No scoring!  I will be going with a tally system instead.
2. This is not only an ISBI, but a Rainbowcy
3. Now let’s add an Alphabetcy.

The Tally System:

*Life-Time Wish Achievements (One tally per LTW achieved.)
*Social Worker Visits. (One tally per child taken at SW visit.)
*Accidental Deaths.
*Pass-Outs (except fainting fright or a boring conversation)
*Honor Roll
*Failing Grades
*Reach top of a career. (One tally each time your sims do this, even if it’s the same sim doing it!)
*100,000. (One tally for every 100,000 simoleons in your net-worth. Check build/buy mode for this number.)

Other Rules:

If someone has a one click opportunity, they can do it.
If it requires items, the TH can gather the stuff, cook it, or whatever and put it in the NTH inventory and then click on them to turn it in.
No bedtime stories!
No sleeping bags!
Only TWO pregnancies per generation.
Fertility treatment for both adults will be at Gens. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24.
Multiple are allowed, but only if the pregnant sim watches kidz channel or kid radio on their own.
All kids must be able to walk, talk and potty.  Other skill items (xylo, pegs, and toddler books) will be put out for them and they can do that if they want.
If someone dies, they cannot come back.  If the TH dies, the oldest child will automatically become the new TH (teens only).
No cheating allowed.  If a non-TH spouse starts an affair with a married household member, they get one warning before a divorce happens.  Previous TH’s and spouses may not move out.

The rules on this are slightly different.  In CAS, there are 20 different favorite colors.  A new TH cannot have the same favorite color as the  previous TH.  Exceptions:  Founders and the last generation don’t count.   Tucker has a favorite color of black, someone else CAN have that as a favorite.  If no kids have a new favorite color at the time of taking over as TH, they can use the LTReward to change their tastes.   If all of a generation of kids have different acceptable color favorites, a vote by you readers will be had.

Every generation is a Letter.

Example for a boy:
Example for a girl:

The first generation, if a boy, can use any A name in column one.  A second boy would choose column two, and so on.  With only two pregnancies, the chance for more than four kids a generation will be slim, but if it happens, the 5th child would go back to column one.