A Small Family Directory


Throughout this legacy, I will be using a Rainbow pattern found here.
Skin (sims could be using any one of the following):  Ephemera WEAK (my default), Eskin WEAK Freckle, Eskin Fresh, Eskin Skinny, Natural+Light, Natural+Tan and Starfruit skins (all), Scattertones, Fawkes
Eyes:  Pyxis From the Stars, no lashes (since I use S-Club lashes with Buckley’s fix).
Game (I will add packs to the game eventually):
So Far:
Base Game, Ambitions, Generations, Supernatural, ALL Stuff Packs, Store Content.


Generation 2: Black
Generation 3: Yellow
Generation 4: Aqua & White
Generation 4
Generation 5
Generation 6
Generation 7
Generation 8
Generation 9
Generation 10
Generation 11