Chapter 1



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Last time, more kids were born, the garden glitched and Michael was named heir.

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2.0: The Color of the Sun


Yep, you read it right!  Welcome to the start of a new generation, well shortly.

Last time, we said goodbye to our founding couple, Amalia busted up a marriage for shits & giggles, had a huge graduation, and then sent her quads to boarding school.

Most importantly, we had two polls.  We know that we have just now added Island Paradise to our small list of expansions.  The biggest question is, “Who won the heir poll?”

Please note that there is a new poll <—— that way.

Read on to find out.

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It’s a big night tonight and someone is not going home after school.  Amalia is already off to work, so she cannot call Bram home.

Bram:  Wait, what’s so important tonight?

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