Chapter 1


TS3 2017-08-27 12-40-43-25.jpg

Ariadne left Twinbrook after a failed engagement and miscarriage.  As the unwanted child and then caretaker to her sister’s kids, Ariadne was definitely in need of a new start.

i.e., the game crashed so she never met Shamrock Chiffon or got married/pregnant.

TS3 2017-08-27 12-53-00-83.jpg

TS3 2017-08-27 12-53-32-58.jpg

She heads off and takes a gardening and fishing class with what was left of her money after buying a small two bedroom house in Riverview.

TS3 2017-08-27 12-55-14-54.jpg

She heads to the library next to read skill books until she figures out what she needs to do next.

TS3 2017-08-27 12-57-55-39.jpg

She arrives back home and starts her garden.  While she was digging in the dirt, she thought about her family and what she did and did not want going forward.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-01-50-73.jpg

She knew she didn’t want to be as poor as her family was, so she heads to the biggest house she could find.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-02-57-60.jpg

Jon Lessen was an aging rock star.  He had no family to speak of due to his years on the road.  He was seemingly content hanging out with the groupies and getting drunk every night.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-07-34-68.jpg

But that was before Ariadne walked into his home and into his life.  She was young and beautiful and he maybe, just maybe, she was what he needed.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-08-22-96.jpg

TS3 2017-08-27 13-09-09-21.jpg

TS3 2017-08-27 13-09-41-34.jpg

TS3 2017-08-27 13-10-47-39.jpg

Ariadne knew Jon was either drunk or high, but she did not feel guilty about taking advantage of him at all.  Her eyes were on the money and he had and would continue to bring in.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-12-15-27.jpg

Jon:  I hope there’s food at your house, because I really have the munchies.  Bad.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-13-34-64.jpg

Ariadne makes her first meal of Mac N’ Cheese.  It was a really productive first day.  She had a house, a garden, a new husband, and $540,000 in the bank and it wasn’t even 10 pm yet.

While she cooked, she mentally spent Jon’s hard earned money.


TS3 2017-08-27 13-24-21-21.jpg

The next day, a sober Jon wondered what tornado had whipped through his life.  He vaguely remembered the impromptu wedding to a complete stranger and even remembered some hot sex.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-27-04-01.jpg

Ariadne knew her hooks were in to Jon very tightly.  She kept working her garden and listening to gardening tabcasts whenever she could.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-29-21-46.jpg

She realized that the town had a small community garden and she went and harvested some new stuff to plant back home.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-31-29-65.jpg

Jon had a few days until his next concert and he spent his time learning new compositions.  It was as if his new marriage had given him a second wind.  The new material was impressive and everyone loved it.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-42-36-99.jpg

His manager suggested that he update his look and Jon agreed.  It was time for a change.  The women started flocking to him like never before, but Jon was determined to keep his pants zipped.

TS3 2017-08-27 13-49-14-13.jpg

Ariadne’s cooking was getting better.  She found out quite quickly that she liked her new husband almost as much as she liked looking at her bank app on the phone.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-04-07-65.jpg

Ariadne came out of the grocery store with all the seeds they had to offer, but something was not quite right and off to the hospital she went.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-11-59-68.jpg

Ariadne was told that she was pregnant at the doctor’s office.  She did not believe them until late that night when it was confirmed.   Although she did want kids someday, she sure as hell didn’t want them now.

Jon apparently was more worried about the stopped up toilet.  He needed to get that fixed before Ariadne found the condom he flushed with the holes he poked in it.


TS3 2017-08-27 14-15-25-05.jpg

TS3 2017-08-27 14-27-16-80.jpg

Ariadne’s days and even some of her nights were spent in the garden, which as grown bigger and bigger.  It got so big, that she had to invest in a sprinkler system just to cut down some of her time spent out there.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-31-16-99.jpg

She found out that Jon got her knocked up on purpose and a pissed off Ariadne started spending her free time fishing up fertilizer.  Anything to keep out of the house and away from Jon.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-34-53-59.jpg

The time seemed like 3 days instead of 9 months.  Too soon, Ariadne found herself in labor.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-38-00-61.jpg

She welcomed baby Michael.

With the birth of his son, Jon was able to use his saved up points to change out his Great Kisser trait for Angler.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-39-05-34.jpg

Jon was super duper excited and painted a cute picture for the nursery.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-39-17-28.jpg

….and then made sure to get Ariadne back in to bed.

Jon figured that if she can marry him for his money, he’d just keep her pregnant for the rest of her life.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-41-21-19.jpg

The garden keeps on growing.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-41-41-54.jpg

1st skill challenge done.  My extra goal is for every heir/spouse to complete the skills challenges for their generation goal.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-42-28-17.jpg

Jon spent most of his days caring for Michael.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-45-12-24.jpg

Ariadne was not pleased with her most recent predicament.  She was pregnant again.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-46-11-11.jpg

TS3 2017-08-27 14-46-21-63.jpg

Jon quickly realizes that baby Michael can stink up a room like no one ever before in the history of poopy diapers.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-52-22-26.jpg

Ariadne is an unhappy mother-to-be again.

TS3 2017-08-27 14-53-21-96.jpg

Jon commemorates the upcoming birth with a new painting for the nursery.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-07-41-65.jpg

Ariadne pushes through the backaches and swollen feet to master her gardening skill.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-10-25-12.jpg

Soon, it was time for Michael’s birthday.  Ariadne wanted a toddler underfoot as much as she wanted a hole in her head.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-14-12-10.jpg


TS3 2017-08-27 15-19-40-00.jpg

Just a few short hours later, Ariadne finds herself in labor again.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-29-05-08.jpg

Jon has no clue what is going on at home.  He’s got concerts to perform.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-50-22-26.jpg

Ariadne produces a mixed set of twins.  Eric and Abigail.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-36-05-10.jpg

Ariadne forces herself to play with Michael, but only because he was so lonely.  Jon usually cared for the boy, but he had another concert to do.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-54-49-40.jpg

Ariadne’s days are a blur.  Postpartum depression has seeped in and she can barely get out of bed to deal with the garden, much less three children under the age of 3.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-55-16-78.jpg

Exhausted, she almost kills herself and Eric.

TS3 2017-08-27 15-55-51-45.jpg

Jon rushes over in a panic and end up on fire himself.  Ariadne wonders if he would just do them all a favor and roast to death.

Jon:  Don’t just stand there!  Get my son out of the house!
Fireman:  Damn, girl, you’re hot!

TS3 2017-08-27 16-00-28-71.jpg

The fireman ends up saving Jon’s life.  He took the night off to teach Michael some skills.  He realized almost too late that Ariadne had no interest in the kids.

TS3 2017-08-27 16-01-31-27.jpg

After successfully teaching Michael to talk, it was time to celebrate.

TS3 2017-08-27 16-01-36-17.jpg

Even if it meant leaving some kids to scream in the dark.

TS3 2017-08-27 16-03-49-92.jpg


TS3 2017-08-27 16-04-31-46.jpg


TS3 2017-08-27 16-07-05-40.jpg

Ariadne:  The banging of the xylophone is making me sick!

Yeah, that’s it. *wink*


If you read my main blog, you’ll have heard that I have been having some computer issues for a week or two.  This is just a quick thing I threw together while trying to see what is going on.

I was able to have a marathon play session without my power supply/graphics card spazzing out.  This is only base game + seven stuff packs though.  I’m babying this along because I’m too chicken to try and stress out my system any more.

I will hopefully be able to get back to the Small ISBI and announce who won the heir poll soon.  Until then, enjoy my attempts at the DitFT challenge for the first time.

Also, my graphics are no longer maxed, so sorry if pics look like shit.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Oh yay! I always had a soft spot for Unwanted Child. Glad to see she has her own mini spin-off while you get things squared away. (Am a tiny bit sad about no Ariadne-and-Shamrock babies though.) I hope you get the issues figured out, but for now I’ll happily settle in to watch the passive aggressive marriage here. *hehe*

    • I really, really liked her. She was my favorite. Too bad she was an unwanted extra child or she would have been heir instead of Amalia.

      I am about to start Gen. 2 and went into the ISBI and it ran good. Ariadne does in fact have a toddler with Shamrock. I must have crashed after that. I could have sworn it was before she me him. We will have to go in and take a peek at her.

      That marriage is something else. LOL

  2. Sucks that your new-ish computer is having issues, hopefully you can figure out the issue without spending too much.
    I do love the Ariadne side challenge, though, lookinh forward to seeing how things go.

    • My computer seems fine. I think it was the power strip going bad. I did score a brand new monitor from my aunt for it (she is my boss and can write it off for taxes), so yay me.

      I loaded up the ISBI and although the game crashes, it is not computer related. Woo.
      Ariadne is fun. Her time was too short though.

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