1.7: Time Delay


In the last update, the quads aged up to children, Brick aged up to teen, and Douglas decided to commit suicide by pool.

Then I took a several month break from Sims 3, but I think I am back now.  Well, at least long enough to make updates a bit more regularly.

Time DelayThe preferred way of using a clock at a USCF tournament; a digital clock is set to NOT run for a defined number of seconds on each move.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-37-57-39

A quick simcheck finds our TH Amalia being told a story by Bram, the second born.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-45-05-02

Ariadne played the guitar until she almost passed out.  She will probably be moving out sometime this update.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-46-55-50

Keely is off to Get to Know Bram.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-47-10-46

While her husband (and our founder) is out in the backyard tutoring Brax.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-48-41-80

Brick is the oldest and was asleep.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-49-41-34

Buttercup is in her mom’s room getting ready to address her royal subjects.

TS3 2017-05-25 18-51-18-37

and finally, Briar Rose was upstairs in Bram’s room sitting in a chair, but then decided to join Buttercup in her mom’s room to do her homework.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-14-52-17

TS3 2017-05-25 19-15-04-92

The quads get their rooms made after I realized they were fighting over Amalia’s bed.

The QCC is (Quad Color Code):
Aqua: Briar Rose
Red: Bron
Green: Buttercup
Lilac: Brax

Random Happenings:

TS3 2017-05-25 19-21-15-90

That was unexpected.  Is that why he and Brenna didn’t stay together?

TS3 2017-05-25 19-21-42-07

Aww, little Rain has a baby brother now.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-22-04-79

Nothing much happening in town really.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-22-13-06

TS3 2017-05-25 19-25-07-44

Brick was the only one awake and I watched him do his homework and clean the bathroom.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-26-18-32

Breakfast consisted of Mac n’ Cheese.  I love the call to meal mod.  It serves all the dishes and calls everyone to eat.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-46-25-63

Suck up.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-53-01-07

Looks like Riff Raff moved.  I hope he took his family with him.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-53-14-85

With Amalia done having kids, it was time to flirt a bit to piss of Brianna.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-53-37-79

Then dump him.

TS3 2017-05-25 19-55-04-70

After he died and moved out, Ace was still on the family tree, but no one knew him anymore.  Amalia heads to his house and meets her brother.

TS3 2017-05-25 20-01-32-92

He has custody of his kid, and we watch her learn to walk.

If you recall, Ace is the father of Betty and Brian with Brenna and this little girl is Patrice.  Her mother was a one night stand with Emerald Bliss Chiffon.  Brenna and Ace have both come out as gay and are now with new people.

TS3 2017-05-25 20-03-58-74

Is this Ariadne?  *shrug*  Whoever it is, thanks so much for passing out on the front porch.

Remember the bunch of polls we had over the past couple of months?
Results were that extra children will not count for Heir polls and Island Paradise will be added next generation.

This means our next generation will be male.  It will either be:

TS3 2017-08-07 08-14-58-76

Brick, Aqua


TS3 2017-08-07 08-24-14-24

Bram, Yellow

TS3 2017-08-07 08-20-05-97

Still nothing major going on around town.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-20-44-79

It’s another morning, but this time Amalia made waffles.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-22-33-45

Aww, they still aren’t married, but Puff Derpington and Cristina Winchester had a baby girl.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-26-26-02

Friday was graduation day.  It must have been borked a few months ago because 35 people are graduating toady, oO

TS3 2017-08-07 08-27-57-48

Cocaine:  Aww, bby, you really light my fire.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-28-13-48

Magenta:  Wtf, Coke.  Back off!

TS3 2017-08-07 08-28-21-96

Magenta:  Wait, wait!  Where are you going?
Coke:  I don’t really get the feeling that you like me right now.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-28-33-52

Magenta:  I’m sorry, hunny.  I’m just hormonal.
Coke:  I think you mean homicidal.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-29-26-44

Amalia:  *smirk*

TS3 2017-08-07 08-30-32-19

TS3 2017-08-07 08-30-36-01

I doubt Ariadne will complete her ltw.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-31-25-83

Keely:  So, do you think it will storm soon?
Bram:  Aren’t you supposed to be dead by now.
Brax:  Ohh good one, bro.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-35-20-16

Don’t let Bram fool you.  He’s a grandma’s boy through and through.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-35-46-25

Tucker:  Waterslide!
Brax: Swings!

TS3 2017-08-07 08-37-31-00

I thought for sure that Ariadne was going to set off the booby trap.  Then I found out that it was hers.  A few days from now, Amalia will set it off.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-41-55-16

Amalia:  I have this urge to send Brick to boarding school, but I can’t.  I do want to get rid of the quads though.

One went to the Peace and Love, one went to Art school, and the girls went to Prep school.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-44-57-27

Some birthdays and partnerships happened.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-46-57-03

It’s about damn time!

TS3 2017-08-07 08-49-45-22

Jacklyn, have babies!

TS3 2017-08-07 08-52-32-97


TS3 2017-08-07 08-54-11-49

Awww  yay!

TS3 2017-08-07 08-54-21-81

The kids take off for boarding school Saturday morning.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-55-42-60

Saturday was one long wedding party that we weren’t invited to.

TS3 2017-08-07 08-55-50-60

Okay Westley, back off one of our spouse potentials!

TS3 2017-08-07 08-56-12-80

Saturday was avoid Keely day.

TS3 2017-08-07 09-02-00-42

TS3 2017-08-07 09-02-32-68

Bram:  Must. Not. Look.

Amalia and Ariadne were at work, so it was just Keely, Tucker and Brick for the party.

TS3 2017-08-07 09-03-31-86

Bram:  Don’t leave me like this!!

TS3 2017-08-07 09-10-34-29

Bram gets to roll for his trait and I noticed he was not insane, so that’s what he gets.  Next generation kids will have fertility treatment and no mandatory insane trait.

TS3 2017-08-07 09-22-32-53

Oops.  Butterscotch and Briana must have been pregnant when they broke up.

TS3 2017-08-07 09-32-20-40

TS3 2017-08-07 09-32-40-44

Both Brick and Bram are straight, so we will be showing off our spouse potentials.

TS3 2017-08-07 09-30-51-85

Rain Carmine-Rourke (Riff Raff)

TS3 2017-08-07 09-43-25-43

Ada Rourke (Shark Racket and Magenta Rourke)

TS3 2017-08-07 09-49-58-13

Evelyn Bunt Cake-Twizz (youngest sister of Brenna, ex of Ace).

TS3 2017-08-07 10-05-23-15

Danette Honeydew-Starburst (father was Carmine Chiffon with an immigrant.  There are three kids total).

TS3 2017-08-07 10-39-36-39

Aged up years early.  Aja Winchester (Cristina and Puff Derpington).

We did miss Marcia Sargeant something or other, but you will see her later on this chapter.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-44-36-37

Sunday was a bad day.   At least she was dressed.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-45-20-55

Everyone was home to witness the tragedy.

Keely Small leaves after completing her LTW, topping her career, birthing four children and was a grandmother to 11.  She had a bad habit for forgetting to wear clothing and for flirting with other people.  Just a few weeks prior, Tucker divorced her and they were just now starting to be friends again.  She was 100 years old.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-47-24-96

Again, not much going on around town.  Nothing was going on at home either.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-47-41-71

Amalia cures everyone of their mourning moodlets.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-50-19-41

I really wanted to keep her, but Ariadne was ready to start her life.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-51-08-12

Bram poured his feelings of devastation into the guitar.  He really misses his grandma. Sad smile

TS3 2017-08-07 10-55-40-88

Maybe we won’t be having a spouse vote after all.  We’ll see what happens at prom.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-57-19-93

You have got to be kidding me!  Keely went that morning and Tucker follows behind that night.

Our founder also completed his LTW and topped his career.  Although he was asked out on several dates, he never cheated on his wife.  He had just started allowing Keely to sleep in the same bed as him the day before.  He was 100 years old.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-58-21-20

Keely was the only one home and was the sole witness.

TS3 2017-08-07 10-59-52-14

Magenta might need to rename that baby.  Also, I can see why she was so hormonal earlier.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-02-23-26

Oh, that’s interesting.  She hasn’t even been out of the house 10 hours yet.

Shamrock has a child age little girl with Elvira Sargeant.  Elvira has since switched teams and is engaged to Gail Chimeree.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-04-16-79

Buttescotch is continuing to stalk Briana.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-04-29-79

The family is down to three until the quads come home at graduation.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-05-58-26

So, they had a baby and then started dating?  Talk about ass backwards.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-07-09-19

Riff Raff moves with the fam.  Lots of people visiting their lovers.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-07-21-16


TS3 2017-08-07 11-09-01-10

It’s Bram’s first day of high school.  Both he and Brick got after school jobs.  I can’t remember what they are though.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-10-52-78

TS3 2017-08-07 11-13-28-51

TS3 2017-08-07 11-16-13-32

Literally nothing happens and I triple sped through two days.  Reset the town and now I have to send the quads back to boarding school.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-20-05-57

Ariadne wastes no time.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-38-20-85

Aha, so that’s why there’s such a rush to the alter.  What a hussy.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-38-39-12

TS3 2017-08-07 11-40-22-73

TS3 2017-08-07 11-57-12-64

Yet another party we weren’t invited to.  Thanks a lot, Ariadne.  Lots of births, promotions and partnering.

TS3 2017-08-07 11-57-37-49TS3 2017-08-07 11-58-17-07

Aww, Aric will be having a baby soon….  My game crashed soon after this, so hopefully it’s still a girl for him and a boy for Roz.

TS3 2017-08-07 21-42-50-45 TS3 2017-08-07 21-42-52-80

Aha, on replay they get Rico and Darlene.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-00-07-50

It’s prom night and Brick brings his half-brother home from school.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-04-09-33

TS3 2017-08-07 22-04-54-32

So, the boys go to prom and then the lot resets as soon as they get in and prom is no more.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-14-47-02TS3 2017-08-07 22-14-49-09TS3 2017-08-07 22-14-50-91TS3 2017-08-07 22-14-53-76

The quads age up a little while later.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-14-58-99

Brick then gets asked on a date, but she stood him up.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-18-28-98

The morning after prom was a hungry one.  I guess they don’t like the thousands of leftovers already in the fridge.

They both make a salad they can’t eat because the school bus then shows up.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-21-37-51TS3 2017-08-07 22-21-40-64

It was a good day to show up at school though.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-21-58-66

Amalia is still here.  All she does is play on the computer or work out.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-23-40-49

Even the town is having some quiet times.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-38-05-41

Bram:  I want a prom!
Brick:  So do I!

I did cheat a prom, but it isn’t until Sunday night.  I don’t think Brick will make it.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-47-32-40

Brick then does something really interesting.  He skips school.

Amalia:  There goes that chance for the three days on the honor roll that you and your brother wished for!  Don’t miss school again, Mister!

It’s the first time anyone has been scolded in eons.  In fact, they are never caught setting booby traps and the house is filled up with them.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-53-46-91

Marcia Sargeant-Pie asked Brick out on a date again.

Brick:  You could have asked my brother, why did you pick me to go out with?
Marcia:  Dude, Bram is my cousin.  Gross. (Marcia’s dad and Bram’s dad, Douglas, were brothers).

TS3 2017-08-07 22-54-54-22

Brick:  Huh, you learn something new everyday.  Thanks for not standing me up again.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-56-40-00

They played catch.

TS3 2017-08-07 22-58-41-35

Brick did a lunatic embrace, which was accepted on the grounds of having compatible traits.

TS3 2017-08-07 23-00-07-13

And she then asked him to watch the stars.


TS3 2017-08-09 17-54-37-92

After his date, Brick stayed up all night to work out.  Amalia and Bram were sleeping the whole time.

Good thing it’s Saturday.  I quick check shows that Brick will have his birthday on Monday, so there is time for prom after all.  Now to just stick it out with this long ass update until then.

TS3 2017-08-09 17-57-25-64

Bram wakes up and makes breakfast.

TS3 2017-08-09 17-58-10-24

I should have known this was coming up.  Some of our readers’ sims are becoming elders.  This is one of my longest running towns at 11 weeks.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-00-46-65

Brick heads to bed (just minutes before he would have passed out) and Bram is screaming at the stairs.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-02-15-54

Tucker seems to have missed a shower.  Hopefully Amalia can make it unbreakable after she fixed it.

…and she can’t.  She can only make it self-cleaning.  Oh well, maybe she will spend the weekend upgrading stuff to increase her level.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-04-29-69

And here I thought today would be boring.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-06-19-69

She even showed up!  Hopefully these two choose to have fun like Brick did the night before.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-08-31-97

Hahaha. No wonder they like each other.  They have two shared traits:  Goodness and Insanity.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-13-02-68

Bram and Aja have a boring date and when it ends, Ada asks Brick out.

TS3 2017-08-09 18-36-19-61

Amalia has her birthday right before heading off to work.  She looks exactly the same, just a bit older.

TS3 2017-08-09 19-19-11-98

Ada did show up on the date and was a bit flirty with Brick.

TS3 2017-08-09 19-18-49-93

Random Sunday stuffs.

TS3 2017-08-09 19-25-19-28

We try again to have a prom.  Game froze for half of it and when it cleared, it zoomed by fast.

TS3 2017-08-09 19-25-32-93 TS3 2017-08-09 19-39-07-57

This might be why the game froze.  Too much stuff going on.

TS3 2017-08-09 19-51-15-92

TS3 2017-08-09 19-51-37-49

I do believe that Bram was Prom King and they both came home with romantic interests, who you’ll hear about in the heir poll.

With one more day before Brick has his birthday, we can finally close out this super long update.

Heir poll is coming up next!


Torch-Holders: 2
Births: 5
Twin Births: 1
Quad Births: 1
Passing out:  8
Self-Wetting: 10
Fights: 1
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 5
Honor Roll: 10
Accidental Death: 2


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