Next Generation Expansion Poll


The next Generation will be upon us sooner than later.  It’s time to get the poll for the next expansion started.  There is no rush to vote as it will remain for quite some time.

I also had a question.  I have a rule about only having two pregnancies a generation to keep population and household size down.  In the event of having extra kids, should they be ignored for TH consideration?

Update: Apparently you cannot have a poll listed in both the sidebar and a post. The poll should revert to here at the end of the voting period.


2 thoughts on “Next Generation Expansion Poll

  1. So many of these EP-reveal legacies go in the order that the EPs were released; I’d like to see you shake things up! Thus my choice of a later EP, that does not get enough time in the spotlight.

    As for the question of extra kids, I think that depends on how many children there are in total. Three or four choices is fine, six or seven is a lot harder. So if we have unexpected triplets, maybe exclude them, but one extra should be fine.

    • That’s my issue. They had two pregnancies and an illegal third that resulted in the quads. We have an update or two for the poll because Brick has 11 days until his YA birthday.

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