1.5: Zugzwang


TS3 2017-02-24 16-40-35-22

Welcome back to the last chapter of my recent marathon play.  Last time, Amalia finally beat Brennan and completed her second LTW.  Quads were born and a huge party happened.  The house got a renovation.

Zugzwang[German, “compulsion to move”] When a player is put at a disadvantage by having to make a move; where any legal move weakens the position. Zugzwang usually occurs in the endgame, and rarely in the middlegame.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-08-04-51

With so much free time, Amalia starts skilling the newest toddlers.

Color Code:
Aqua: Briar Rose
Red: Bron
Green: Buttercup
Lilac: Brax

This is as much for me as it is for you.  Luckily I had to write it down for when I was doing their makeovers.

Speaking of makeovers.  I found out something interesting.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-17-28-42

Someone’s family line has fairies!  Douglas does not have wings in CAS, so it must be one of his relatives?

Bram:  Hey, I’m in my underwear here, pervert!

TS3 2017-02-24 15-18-48-24

Bram:  That’s better.  Thanks showing the world my camo undies.

Anyway, you all voted Supernatural, so instead of waiting for the next generation, I’ll install it next time I play.  It will be interesting to see just how many fairies are out in the world.  I knew it was going to be a Chiffon from when I was doing makeovers in the founding generation.  Although, I think only Bram has wings in this family.

He is such a cutie though!

TS3 2017-02-24 15-19-09-22

Brick:  I’m cute too!

No one said you weren’t, sourpuss.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-21-02-74

TS3 2017-02-24 15-22-23-47

TS3 2017-02-24 15-23-06-27-1

Keely is the greatest Grandma ever.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-21-31-72

Brick:  He wouldn’t be so cute if I peed all over his room.

You are disgusting.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-23-17-79

The toddler bathroom area is pretty small, so here is ….someone else getting potty trained.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-26-12-21

…and another.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-27-26-23

After they are trained, Keely puts them all to bed.  Sadly, not in the correct cribs, but that’s okay.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-28-27-68

All asleep!  Wooo!

TS3 2017-02-24 15-29-13-31

The boys were outside playing until really late.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-29-44-83

Amalia:  Get off the damn computer and take care of yourself like a big boy.

Douglas:  I provide for this family and I don’t take orders from you.

He says on his way to the bathroom.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-30-12-72

I know two boys who are going to be tired in the morning.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-44-57-44

Why the hell do my tired sims insist on going swimming? This is driving me crazy.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-46-17-40

…and he drowns in the same damn spot that Ace did.  I think the pool is cursed.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-46-54-71

…and his son and step-son don’t even notice.  In fact, no one does.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-48-51-81

Aha, Bram did notice!

TS3 2017-02-24 15-49-22-69

Amalia is heartbroken as well.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-06-40-98

The reason I wasn’t too upset about Douglas was that she still had her Oh My Ghost, but when she went to turn his urn in, she went inside and popped out.  The opportunity is still on her panel, but the option is not in the science center.  So, now we are both upset.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-07-42-17

The kids got their makeovers overnight.  All four woke up hungry and Amalia is still at the science center threatening to blow the place up if they don’t give her Douglas back.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-07-45-40

Tucker:  Hold your horses, kids.  I can only get you one at a time.

Which is interrupted by Amalia coming in and confusing Tucker who wants to wait for her to give Brax a bottle so he can give him one too.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-08-35-25

Bram:  I’m too tired to get up.  I need more sleep!

Then someone should have gone to bed at a decent hour.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-08-49-94


TS3 2017-02-24 16-09-17-27

TS3 2017-02-24 16-19-27-70

TS3 2017-02-24 16-20-35-08

TS3 2017-02-24 16-20-40-63

Tucker got all the kids fed and THEN Keely and Ariadne showed up.  LOL  They did grab a kid and start to teach them to walk, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-22-20-42

Amalia shows up and grabs up Brax and starts him going too.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-26-43-43

All that’s left is learning to talk and I think one more needs to learn to potty.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-28-18-96

Buttercup and Brax.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-29-27-81

Briar Rose and Bron.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-30-21-88

Amalia:  If you don’t do as you’re told, I will have you swim until the reaper gets you.

Brax:  I want that one!

Briar Rose:  No!

TS3 2017-02-24 16-32-32-95

By the time they learned to walk, some learned to talk and had their playtime, it was time for dinner and bed.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-35-13-69

Amalia:  I did this.  I did it like a BOSS.

We locked the nursery door so she could get them all in the correct cribs.

TS3 2017-02-24 16-40-35-22

Ariadne doesn’t do much.  She goes to her new job and plays on the water slide.

Ariadne:  I can leave now, please?

TS3 2017-02-24 17-05-33-20

Ace and Brenna’s instant baby aged up.  He’s so freaking adorable.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-08-18-18

Bron and this guy had the same mouth that had to be surgically fixed.  He belongs to Aric and Peach Puff.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-09-33-22

This is their oldest, Brenda, I think.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-11-25-11

We find out that Peach Puff and Peche Jr. are siblings, making the quads full cousins to Brenda and the Billy (I’ll figure out his name eventually).  Down on the far right is Brick.  Merlot is the quads’ great-grandfather and Brick’s great-great-great-grandfather.

Hence why all the kids are ugly, except Brick.  He’s far enough down that the ugly was bred out.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-13-44-74

Amalia: I have nothing to do, so I found this thing.

That thing has been around since you were a kid.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-22-50-08

Peche Jr. called up and asked Amalia out on a date.

Amalia: I just lost my husband and I’m really not in a good place right now.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-24-59-78

Amalia:  I really think we should just be friends.  I need to get back home to my kids.

Peche:  They’re my kids too!

Amalia:  Yes, and you can come see them anytime.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-26-57-48

Back home, Keely is working down the line caring for the tots.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-29-19-06

TS3 2017-02-24 17-30-46-33

More time is spent on skills.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-32-24-78

TS3 2017-02-24 17-32-54-86

Which is interrupted by the need to run for the potty at the exact same time.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-36-20-48

Even Buttercup got away from her long enough to go, but that did not deter Amalia for long.  She was determined to get one more to talk.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-39-46-52

Got this notification and went to see what was going on out of boredom.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-39-53-50

I can’t remember her name.

Lady: I can’t reach the fire!

TS3 2017-02-24 17-40-39-84

Then proceeds to run through the house with her butt on fire.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-41-47-57

Other girl:  I’ll put out the fire.

Girl:  Oh goodie!

TS3 2017-02-24 17-42-30-42

Other Girl:  Maybe it would go better if I put on my uniform.

Girl:  Yes, but you’re not aiming at my butt!

Other girl: The table is on fire.  It’s more important.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-43-04-56

Other girl:  Maybe I should have put out her butt first?

TS3 2017-02-24 17-43-13-72

She’s a Chiffon, just not sure which one.  She’s cute though.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-43-59-97

Other Girl:  I finally put out your butt.

Girl:  Cool, now I can go to work.

Omg.  Well, that explains why she was on fire for like 4 hours without dying.  LOL

TS3 2017-02-24 17-44-36-49

Back home, nothing much was going on.

Brick:  This is disgusting!

TS3 2017-02-24 17-44-54-40

Bram:  I really think you should take up novel writing.

Keely:  Or you could go write one yourself and leave me to my painting.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-45-35-47

Tucker is doing Tucker things.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-48-26-07

TS3 2017-02-24 17-50-02-39

TS3 2017-02-24 17-54-11-08

Brick and Bram played tag all day!  It was then I realized that it was the weekend.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-53-06-23

I found Keely flirting with Tucker, who was all for it.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-57-27-96

Then she got asked on a date and I said yes like a moron.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-58-59-61

TS3 2017-02-24 18-00-42-52

This leaves Amalia to wrangle the quads with no help, which means Briar Rose passes out waiting for her turn.  Before that Amalia fed all four and got three into bed without incident, it just took forever.

TS3 2017-02-24 18-02-33-09

Keely:  Well, I’m home.  How was your night?

Bah.  Of course she comes home as soon as Briar gets put in her crib.

..and I am now finally out of pics from my 12 hour play session!  Yes!  I whittled down 523 screenshots into four chapters.


Torch-Holders: 2
Births: 5
Twin Births: 1
Quad Births: 1
Passing out:  7 (+1)
Self-Wetting: 10 (+1)
Fights: 1
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 5
Honor Roll: 7
Accidental Death: 2

Around the Town:

TS3 2017-02-24 16-11-23-53

TS3 2017-02-24 16-11-26-05

TS3 2017-02-24 16-11-30-67

TS3 2017-02-24 16-11-33-96

TS3 2017-02-24 16-11-36-15

TS3 2017-02-24 16-27-33-73

TS3 2017-02-24 16-27-38-27

TS3 2017-02-24 16-27-45-27

TS3 2017-02-24 16-29-00-36

Lots of romance and babies!

TS3 2017-02-24 16-29-06-83

TS3 2017-02-24 16-37-43-83

TS3 2017-02-24 16-37-54-42

TS3 2017-02-24 16-38-15-08

TS3 2017-02-24 16-38-22-09

Aha, Aric’s son is Brian.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-06-56-09

Brennan is still stalking poor Emerald.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-13-15-29

TS3 2017-02-24 17-13-17-74

TS3 2017-02-24 17-15-55-67

Another child for Riff Raff!

TS3 2017-02-24 17-16-10-54

More and more romance.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-18-57-76

Ace is waffling between men and women (so is the rest of the town).

TS3 2017-02-24 17-19-47-52

TS3 2017-02-24 17-19-50-49

Noo!  Didn’t she just have his baby?

TS3 2017-02-24 17-19-53-89

TS3 2017-02-24 17-38-08-58

TS3 2017-02-24 17-38-10-23

TS3 2017-02-24 17-38-16-22

TS3 2017-02-24 17-41-29-87

Uh oh.

TS3 2017-02-24 17-45-45-01

TS3 2017-02-24 17-55-23-13

TS3 2017-02-24 18-01-24-20

TS3 2017-02-24 18-01-26-54


TS3 2017-02-24 18-01-31-65

TS3 2017-02-24 18-01-44-06

Some very interesting shenanigans this chapter, that’s for sure.


6 thoughts on “1.5: Zugzwang

  1. Woo! I finally caught up. *does a happy dance*
    The quads are cute but seem like really hard work. I love the colour coded cribs.
    I am a little disappointed that Jacklyn is not doing much in your game.

    • I can’t figure out Jacklyn. I might have to shake her household up and put in some people for her to interact with.
      After they get skilled, they are easy to contend with, but only having one sim to feed them and put them to bed would have killed me.

  2. jesslb293

    I love reading a post after work! And now the post hot streak blues while waiting.

    And I got lucky with my quads. They came out color coded. Only two were the same skin and they were different genders. But yeah, quad toddlers make you want to smash your head into a wall. Especially when they are all happy but cry anyway.

  3. Briar Rose is blonde, how appropriate! Colour-coding is so very important with multiple toddlers (and children and teens…)

    OMG, another drowning? Good thing you got rid of that cursed pool! Hopefully you can get Douglas back soon!

    So not surprised that Riff Raff doesn’t live with his kids… he would have done the same thing in my gave, except, y’know, he was in the active family. Just his personality. Impressed that he’s paying child support at least.

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