1.4: Grandmaster


TS3 2017-02-24 14-23-39-23

Welcome back!  Last time, chess was played, Keely spent 90% of her time naked, Tucker dumped Keely, and Amalia got pregnant.

We left off after Ariadne and Brick had their birthdays and Amalia in labor.

Grandmaster The highest title a chess player can attain (besides World Champion). When used precisely, it is the title awarded by FIDE starting in 1950, but it can be used to describe someone of comparable ability. The term International Grandmaster or IGM would refer only to the FIDE title.

TS3 2017-02-24 10-56-18-22

Way to start of the chapter birthday boy.

TS3 2017-02-24 10-57-41-53

Ace:  Your house is stupid!

Ariadne:  It used to be yours too, dummy.

TS3 2017-02-24 10-58-03-73

Yep, there it is.  Keely and Tucker both got this wish so I gave Ace and Aric an instant baby each to make 10.  I think they were named Billy and Brian?  I can’t remember.

TS3 2017-02-24 11-03-21-85

Douglas:  So, what’s your sign?

Ace: Why are you asking me these stupid questions?

TS3 2017-02-24 11-05-26-30

Poor Brick, he grew up within 24 hours of the divorce, so he got the moodlet.

TS3 2017-02-24 11-08-10-70

Bram and a baby outside because I have to remodel the place.  Oh and Douglas made a mess again.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-18-25-69

The house gets a second floor!

TS3 2017-02-24 13-19-22-24

TS3 2017-02-24 13-22-05-58

The old nursery is demolished for stairs and a third bathroom.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-19-35-54

Both Tucker and Amalia’s room got moved a bit to make room for a living area.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-19-50-67

Amalia and Douglas’ room.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-20-08-58

Ariadne’s room.

Ariadne: Wait, wut?  I thought I got to escape!

Nope, you have to stay for a little bit.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-20-30-02

Brick’s room.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-23-00-66

Downstairs layout

But Jenn, why the big renovation?

TS3 2017-02-24 13-21-26-22

TS3 2017-02-24 13-21-16-66

This is why goddammit!  NO fertility treatment!  I blame Douglas and his love of kids music that blasted 24 hours a day for three days straight.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-22-39-26

The yellow curtain room will be Bram’s.  The two empty rooms will be for two of the quads each.  There is another two bathrooms up here and I finally bought Tucker the dryer he has wanted for 30 years.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-34-54-47

Amalia escapes the mad house and finds the playground.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-35-14-06

Tucker works out.  The actual workout machines have been moved inside.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-35-24-17

Keely finally has something to do beside run around naked.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-39-12-53

I gave Merlot hair and read somewhere that he has a jaw issue.  I tried to fix it, but it failed.  My sliders interfered with his bone structure too much.

Merlot:  I’m finally back.  Sorry that I took off the other night.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-40-34-56

Ariadne:  The skill bar is in the way of me moving.

Ariadne got a job in Athletics because Tucker and Keely both wished to see her become a star athlete.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-51-33-51

Bron is red, Briar Rose is Aqua.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-51-40-71

Brax is Lilac and Buttercup is Green.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-52-16-68

Half of her LTW is now Complete!

TS3 2017-02-24 13-52-56-32

TS3 2017-02-24 13-54-10-95

Her face really says it all.

Amalia:  I just can’t win against this guy!

TS3 2017-02-24 13-54-40-08

No athletic skill, but now that she has that job, she starts working out.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-54-49-62

And gaining skills.

TS3 2017-02-24 13-56-58-11

Amalia:  Woo!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-14-19-42

I swear he exists, but this is all he does.

Douglas:  Don’t bother me, I’m working hard to earn money for kids that aren’t mine.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-15-11-53

Brennan:  I’m back.

Amalia:  It’s about damn time!  I’ve been calling for days!

Brennan:  No you haven’t, liar.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-15-57-82

Brennan:  I like the renovations.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-16-24-57

Bram:  I still here!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-17-07-47

Ariadne:  The refs in this game are garbage!

Brennan:  You can’t win against me, why do you even try?

TS3 2017-02-24 14-18-53-30

Brennan:  Told ya so.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-17-42-62

Brick did the supermarket opportunity and I realized he never came home.  He was doing his homework.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-18-22-43

Ariadne:  I think shooting hoops will be more fun than that stupid video game.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-18-53-30

Brennan:  I think we should take a break so you can go buy game.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-19-18-82

Brennan:  Eenie, meenie, minee…Moe!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-19-46-20


TS3 2017-02-24 14-19-59-49

Brennan:  I was just checking out your lovely home.

Keely:  Lies!  I will write to Mariah and tell her you’ve been stealing candy from babies if you even think of trying this again!  Now get out of the nursery!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-20-32-39

TS3 2017-02-24 14-37-56-14

TS3 2017-02-24 14-20-59-79

Ariadne is going wish crazy.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-21-55-71

Keely:  Who saved you from that mean man?  The best Grandma in the world did!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-22-24-74

Amalia:  If I catch you stealing candy from any of my babies again, I will dump your body parts at the landfill where no one would ever find the bags.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-22-31-49

Or I’d send the bags to Hannibal Lector and he can have a tasty meal.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-23-31-96

Brick:  I’m still here and I’m STARVING!

Girl:  What a loser.  Hahahaha.  Did the widdle baby boy forget how to get home?

TS3 2017-02-24 14-23-39-23

Brick:  What the heck did she just say?  She’ll regret that!  Mark my words!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-23-46-00


TS3 2017-02-24 14-24-17-08


He finally goes home but only because the pop up said it was almost curfew.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-25-18-93

Umm…Betty? aged up.  She belongs to Brenna and Ace.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-26-10-83

Ariadne:  I really, really need to pee.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-26-32-14

Ariadne:  But, I think the dishes are more important.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-26-54-42

Ariadne:  Nope, nope, I think peeing is probably more important.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-27-12-18

Ariadne:  Shit.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-27-18-66

Brennan:  You fail at life.  Now I’m too tired to do this again.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-30-00-81

Amalia:  I can fix you!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-30-46-24

Brennan:  Well, thanks!  I guess I can beat you one more time.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-37-38-56

Ahem, someone is in the wrong bed!

Ariadne:  Someone forgot to tell everyone where to sleep.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-38-32-80

Omg, really?

TS3 2017-02-24 14-39-42-43

Amalia: Walk out that door and you’re a dead man!

Brennan did leave, but hung in the yard.  Every time she invited him back in, he walked right back out.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-40-50-53

Amalia: so if you won’t come in, then we’ll bring everything out here.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-41-52-70

I swear to God, you better not die in there!

Tucker:  I’m good.  Just swimming.

He looks so worried though.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-42-43-82

Amalia: So, you pan away to stare at my dad and I did this.

Good for you?

TS3 2017-02-24 14-43-12-44


TS3 2017-02-24 14-43-01-47

TS3 2017-02-24 14-43-04-15


TS3 2017-02-24 14-43-29-72

She lost so many times to Brennan that I knew he had to be the top person to beat.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-47-20-57

Now that she has completed her LTW, we no longer have to wait for birthday announcements.  Henceforth, everyone gets a birthday after skills are met and Honor roll is given out (if the little brats get it that is).

Also, Amalia did start getting have birthday party wants for all the quads anyway.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-51-12-37

So, I had Amalia put all the babies on the floor and then I teleported them outdoors and locked the nursery door (because everyone kept grabbing babies to put them in cribs).

TS3 2017-02-24 14-53-10-19

Bram had a day left, I think, but he was all skilled up and went first.

Douglas:  I’ll just put this one in the cri– Hey, why is that door locked?

Drop that baby, Douglas.  Now.

Brenna:  Aww, poor little baby.  Auntie Brenna will put you in the crib.  Or not.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-55-12-48

I forgot to give him his insane trait.  oops.  I will when he turns into a teen.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-53-51-66

Hey, go outside!

Omg, that profile.  I’m so scared to see these kids now.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-55-23-11

We won’t go through each one, but they all got cakes and she ticks off birthday party wish after wish.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-57-11-55

TS3 2017-02-24 14-58-31-07

TS3 2017-02-24 15-01-01-59

TS3 2017-02-24 15-02-28-56

TS3 2017-02-24 15-00-22-72

We interrupt the party for Bram peeing himself.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-07-07-02

The party is over and Brick is still celebrating.

Douglas:  Dude, it’s over.  Get your cake.

I think he’s right. This is over!  See you next time!


Torch-Holders: 2
Births: 5
Twin Births: 1
Quad Births: 1
Passing out:  6
Self-Wetting: 9 (+4)
Fights: 1
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 5
Honor Roll: 7
Accidental Death: 1

Around the Town:

TS3 2017-02-24 10-52-47-32

TS3 2017-02-24 10-53-58-70

So, we knew he was with someone, but I feel bad that it split these two up.

TS3 2017-02-24 11-03-44-89

TS3 2017-02-24 11-09-13-97

Brennan is mean to babies and stalker.  He kind of creeps me out.

TS3 2017-02-24 11-09-19-24

TS3 2017-02-24 11-10-24-56

TS3 2017-02-24 11-11-33-63

TS3 2017-02-24 13-57-02-81

TS3 2017-02-24 14-15-41-76

Malcolm continues to not go to school.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-15-43-96

Magenta continues on her path of love.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-16-45-87

TS3 2017-02-24 14-16-48-44


TS3 2017-02-24 14-20-16-92

That’s your daughters money, thief!

TS3 2017-02-24 14-22-11-29

TS3 2017-02-24 14-24-46-39

It was Betty who aged up.

TS3 2017-02-24 14-42-11-96

I thought he was with Magenta?

TS3 2017-02-24 15-02-37-59

TS3 2017-02-24 15-07-21-50

You two need to make up your mind.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-31-41-85

Great, Brennan has a new girl to stalk.

TS3 2017-02-24 15-31-44-95

TS3 2017-02-24 15-47-03-07

That conclude stuff that happened during this chapter.


6 thoughts on “1.4: Grandmaster

  1. jesslb293

    Welcome to the Oh Sh*t Quads club 😀

    Just kidding, but seriously quads…oi! I know you mentioned it, but I’m getting a headache for you. And I’m a bit jealous you got to use the name Briar Rose. It was on my short list, but I ended up with Bill.

    Another good chapter Jenn!

    • I was so pissed when they popped out. I seriously considered rage quitting and sending her to the hospital to see if that changed the outcome. I love that name. I ended up with a Billy, but on a spare’s kid.

  2. I believe I said a few chapters ago that your sims will decide the baby issue. And boy, did they! I have never seen anyone’s sims troll their owner/simgod/controller quite so well as yours do. But at least they’re cuties! And they all have different favourite colours (without clashes, so impressive), we will have lots of options to choose from for the next heir. And I’m betting Amalia’s tubes will be firmly tied now 😉

    Speaking of Amalia, yay for completing the LTW! It’s one of the more annoying ones, not so much difficult as time consuming. And yes, the outside chess table is very helpful for when the opponents refuse to come inside.

    • That LTW was fairly easy if you can get the people to show up. It was annoying losing so many games in a row and having to call them to come back when they had to leave for work or due to lateness. That was my first time completing it too.
      I really like the house again, but I wish I didn’t have 6 kids to house.

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