1.2: Caïssa


TS3 2017-02-22 15-05-21-71

Welcome back!  I had a marathon session and ended up with FIVE chapters.  Oops.

Last time, Amalia gave birth to Brick and then Bram.  Amalia and Tucker caught their spouses cheating…with each other.  Amalia moodlet managed her betrayed moodlet away, but Tucker’s remained.  Amalia decided to become a Chess Legend.

New:  Notifications not pertaining to the family will now be added to the end of the chapter.

CaïssaThe goddess of chess, occasionally invoked to indicate luck or good fortune: “Caïssa was with me.”

TS3 2017-02-22 15-05-55-79

Everyone:  POOL!

TS3 2017-02-24 06-45-17-53

Amalia puts Brennan in the loser column

TS3 2017-02-24 06-46-03-82

Amalia:  I don’t know why I want to woohoo with a cheater, but whatever.

TS3 2017-02-24 06-52-25-39

Tucker:  I figure you will pee yourself in 3, 2, 1, NOW!

TS3 2017-02-24 06-54-29-53

Tucker:  Hahaha!  You’re a loser.

TS3 2017-02-24 06-53-41-74

Keely, quit asking people what they think of you!

TS3 2017-02-24 06-55-09-39

Tucker: *adds pic of Douglas peeing himself to Simbook*

TS3 2017-02-24 06-56-06-71

Tucker:  Grandpa’s a comin’, hold your horses.

TS3 2017-02-24 06-56-24-23

Tucker: Peeee-Yeeeew!   Let’s get that changed fast.

TS3 2017-02-24 06-57-29-97

TS3 2017-02-24 06-57-52-50

Douglas’ family got out of a car in front of the house, so Amalia invited them in.

TS3 2017-02-24 06-59-22-29

Next challenger is Cherry Blossom again.

TS3 2017-02-24 06-59-43-19

Lorenzo:  I don’t see any resemblance to my family in you.

Douglas:  Amalia just shrugs when I ask about his parentage.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-00-37-67

TS3 2017-02-24 07-00-45-25

Tucker:  That’ll teach you to hug my wife, damn you!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-00-52-22

Keely:  It was just a friendly hug, but you sure are hot when you get jealous.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-01-01-54

Tucker:  Fuck that!  I saw you grab his ass, you hussy.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-02-08-68

Lorenzo:  *runs for his life*

TS3 2017-02-24 07-02-56-01

Cherry Blossom goes down!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-04-05-45

Cherry Blossom:  I will not look…please God, make it go away.

Lorenzo:  There are children present!  Cover yourself!

Brick:  Omg, Miss Cherry, SAVE ME!

Keely:  I am too sexy for this house.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-05-05-53

Lorenzo:  You should be safe from that sight in here.

Brick:  Thank the maker!

I may have been playing too much DA:I lately.  I was totally channeling Cullen right there.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-05-25-43

Keely:  Come to Grandma!

Bram:  Holy shit, HELP ME!

Cherry:  I would help, kid, but then I’d have to see it and that ain’t gonna happen.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-06-07-27

Keely:  So, are you single?

Lorenzo:  I’m married, not interested, not looking and I’m exhausted from when your husband beating my ass.  Go away.

Brick:  Put clothes on and feed me!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-07-36-31

TS3 2017-02-24 07-07-44-32

Grape Wisp was next on the list and I was fascinated by what Keely would do next and missed these two fighting.  Not sure what their deal is.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-09-05-26

Brick:  Grandpa, tell Grandma to get clothes on!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-09-21-22

Grape goes down.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-09-51-63

You do realize he is not tired, right?

TS3 2017-02-24 07-10-06-84

Brick:  I just want my diaper changed.  Geez!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-10-27-74

Brick:  I don’t think they heard me.   CHANGE ME!  NOW!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-10-57-42

Tucker:  Whew, both boys are in bed and it’s not even 4pm yet.  I am on  a roll of fantasticness.

That’s not even a word.  Now take them out and change one and feed both.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-11-07-54


TS3 2017-02-24 07-11-32-84

Keely:  Here comes Grandma!

Brick:  I was kidding!  I don’t need a change!  I’ll just sit in it since I have to go again now anyway.  Bye-bye!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-13-34-12

TS3 2017-02-24 07-13-36-64

I forgot Douglas existed.  Again.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-13-52-24

TS3 2017-02-24 07-17-11-14

Amalia takes some time off of chess to actually do some mothering.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-18-10-16

Douglas:  Our son is amazing on the xylophone.

Amalia:  Yes, I know.  Maybe you would have known before now if you weren’t always at work or working on your laptop all day and night.  We can woohoo if you have a spare moment.

Douglas:  I’m going to take shower.

Amalia: Whatever.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-19-24-26

Aric and Peach Puff’s daughter has a birthday.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-21-04-53

Amalia:  You’re really attractive.

Peche Jr.: So are you.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-21-15-65

TS3 2017-02-24 07-21-26-84

Oh no.  She then wanted to flirt and group up with him.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-22-33-49

Douglas:  My wife is under the covers with another man!  That cheating bitch!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-23-06-81

Douglas:  Beware of the next meal you eat.  It may have poison in it.

Amalia:  I gave you the option to woohoo, you turned me down.  I then found someone who wanted to be with me.  Screw you and your jealousy.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-23-27-11

Peche Jr.:  I hope my boyfriend doesn’t find out, but I’m too happy to care right now.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-23-31-91

Douglas:  I’m very angry with you!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-23-39-02

Amalia:  Let’s just remember who cheated first!

Douglas:  I flirted!  I didn’t woohoo her!

Amalia:  It was my mother and that makes it worse!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-26-32-78

TS3 2017-02-24 07-29-23-29

Amalia:  My mind is mush after that romp!

TS3 2017-02-24 07-30-05-03

Amalia:  I have napkins if you need to clean yourself up.

Cherry:  I’m so grossed out right now.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-31-17-01

Amalia:  It’s on now, sexy man.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-32-40-12

I forgot that Tucker was sent to do something at Lorenzo’s house.  An opportunity to talk to him about something.  I found him just hanging out, which reminded me that Douglas has a new half-sister.

TS3 2017-02-24 07-35-19-40

TS3 2017-02-24 08-41-42-17

Apparently Peche left due to the time, so Amalia was wasting the night away waiting for daylight.

TS3 2017-02-24 08-34-12-69

Keely: Ariadne, homework needs to be done after school, not when the bus is arriving at the door.

Ariadne:  Whatever.

TS3 2017-02-24 08-37-01-45

Amalia:  Good morning my babies.  Ready for breakfast?

TS3 2017-02-24 08-39-04-03

Stop, he’s not here to flirt, dammit!

TS3 2017-02-24 08-40-21-22

TS3 2017-02-24 08-41-51-75

Another one down!  Finally.

TS3 2017-02-24 08-44-09-92

I didn’t even know this was a thing!

TS3 2017-02-24 08-44-40-61

Oh neat!    This also seems to be a good stopping point!


Torch-Holders: 2
Births: 4
Twin Births: 1
Passing out:  6
Self-Wetting: 5 (+1)
Fights: 1
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 3
Honor Roll: 6
Accidental Death: 1

Around the Town:

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TS3 2017-02-24 06-54-03-00

TS3 2017-02-24 07-07-22-58

TS3 2017-02-24 07-14-08-16

TS3 2017-02-24 07-34-08-42


6 thoughts on “1.2: Caïssa

  1. jesslb293

    Wow! That was one well placed thought bubble up there on Keely!

    And in my opinion, no one should ever be sorry for quoting Cullen! I’m mostly sure it’s because I’m entirely in love with that bunch of pixels, but I also love Solas. But Cullen hasn’t broken my heart so….winner?

    And I can’t wait to read more! This is on my insta-click list. Where I drop everything and read it.

    • I’m sorry. Two years later and I’m still hurt over IB’s betrayal. I will NEVER sacrifice the Chargers again. I was a wreck for days after killing him. I am always an elf mage so Solas is my main romantic person.

      Haha, I have 3 more coming at an every other day rate. All scheduled and ready to go.
      And yes, that was a must have thought bubble.

      • jesslb293

        I never sacrificed the Chargers, but I’ve see the video of it. I’ve also seen when you romance him and then lose them….woo is that hard too. But Solas…he was the first DAI romance and I kept the save in case of DLC and Trespasser…oh god! Tears. Like tears on my controller. But Cullen is such a sweet guy! He’s such a nice reprieve from the typical military type in games. He’s military around his troops but such a soft puppy elsewhere! God I love DAI. Hence why my C baby was Cole. And the only reason Doyle wasn’t Dorian was because I thought I might overload on DA!

        And yay!! More updates!

      • The schematic for the best mage weapon only comes from the war table (like 10 quests long) and only if you sacrifice the Chargers. Also, I romanced him first, and I was going by how he hated the Tal Vashoth, and figured he wouldn’t want to become one. When Trespasser came out, I was devastated. I have never been able to romance him since. I went with Cullen next and then Solas (four times now). I really, really hope they make a new DA soon. With Mass Effect coming out next month, I’m hoping they announce a new DA title within the year. I do have a romance save with Dorian, but I hate my male quizzy. I might start over with a new one one day.

  2. Haha, I have to agree with Jess, nicely timed shot with that well-placed thought bubble. Damn those elders and their dislike of clothes.

    Aw Douglas, you’re just not cut out for a life of idiocy under the microscope, are you? So not surprised Amalia cheated again, they barely see one another, and she doesn’t seem the type to settle down properly. Knowing your sims, they will decide for themselves whether there is another baby on the way, wonder if Amalia wants a girl?

    • She does indeed want a girl and has since she got pregnant with Brick. Douglas and Amalia have no interest in each other at all. If they were free in their own home, they wouldn’t last a day, I bet. Keely just wants to get Tucker back and apparently flaunting her saggy body must be what she thinks will work. It’s funny, but not.

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