1.1: Surprise Beauty



Last time, Amalia took over and couldn’t choose a LTW.  She ended up pregnant and married.  Keely and Douglas flirted for a day and got in big trouble.  This time, we meet the newest member of the family.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-13-15-98

We left off with Amalia in labor, so now we get to meet the boy she wished for.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-13-03-24

Brick rolled insane on the first roll.  Unbelievable!

TS3 2017-02-20 16-18-48-28

What a cutie!

Brick likes Soul, Cheesesteak and Aqua.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-21-45-45

Still cute

TS3 2017-02-20 16-23-23-48

Douglas:  This kid doesn’t look like me at all.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-13-52-11

Well, that would be because Butterscotch is the man that showed up at the hospital.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-04-40-29

Amalia:  Hey, baby, what’s your sign?
Carmine:  The one that says “Not interested”.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-05-07-45

They do have a couple of traits in common and some that are enough to have an argument.  No biggie, since she only wanted to learn his sign.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-06-10-01

Aww, time to make that baby legitimate.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-11-16-75

Amalia:  I stayed out all night flirting with Carmine.  Feed me!!

TS3 2017-02-20 18-11-52-73

Tucker:  Thanks for the 5,000 points for being born.  Now go to bed.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-18-07-62

Amalia:  Thanks for asking me out on a date, Mikado.  Next time, let’s do it on a sunny day and not the middle of the night.

Mikado:  I’ve got Golden Fingers and a Golden Tongue for you.

Amalia:  You’re a little too young for me, but hit me up after your birthday.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-19-58-30

RIP Charmaine, thanks for the cash.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-20-10-85

Douglas:  Food.  Where is it?
In the fridge with 100’s of choices.  Go eat.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-22-44-67

Amalia:  I just realized something.

Douglas:  How buff I am from all that working out?

Amalia:  No, you’re a fucking cheater!  I hate you.

*facepalm*  He hasn’t flirted with Keely in days, dammit.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-24-29-54

Amalia:  Oh, wow. I forgot you were born.  Hello, Brock.

Brick:  It’s Brick, mommy.

Amalia:  Whatever.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-25-49-17

Amalia: That first and last diaper I changed was disgusting.  Let’s not do that ever again.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-26-37-87

I’m not sure why he got this one.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-27-23-01

I’m glad she found out she was betrayed after the pregnancy got started.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-29-57-74


TS3 2017-02-20 18-30-20-91

Tucker:  I still can’t sleep with her in the same bed.


TS3 2017-02-20 18-30-59-00

Learning to walk.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-31-31-38

Keely:  There’s a party in my pants for you, dear!

Tucker:  Ewww.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-32-22-12

Amalia has it bad this time around.  She didn’t get morning sickness with Brick.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-34-07-25

I never did introduce Douglas.  I will have to do that on the family pages.  He wants to be CEO and was level 5 in business when they married.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-34-15-79

Ohh, Butterscotch knocked up Cocaine’s granddaughter.  Ace and Brenna had a baby!  Douglas’ little brother Malcolm is a delinquent that never goes to school apparently.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-35-56-41

Amalia:  Did you really want to do this mother?

Keely:  Yes, this will repair our relationship, I promise!

TS3 2017-02-20 18-37-00-63

Amalia:  If you say so.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-36-17-85

Keely:  You’re not supposed to aim for the face, Amalia.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-37-08-11

Amalia:  Says who?

TS3 2017-02-20 18-37-18-99

Keely:  Okay, bitch, it’s on!

TS3 2017-02-20 18-37-48-89

Amalia:  I have an almost maxed body skill.  I can catch anything.  Can you?

Keely:  I don’t want to play anyjmore.  *cries*

Actually, Amalia did her maternity spin or they would still be drilling the football at each other.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-39-43-39

Ariadne:  No one pays enough attention to me, the stupid bunch of cheaters.  I hate them all.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-39-59-87

Learning to talk.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-40-04-08


TS3 2017-02-20 18-41-01-17

Keely:  Woo, Happy Birthday newest favorite child!

Tucker:  I’m only in the same room as her because there will be cake.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-41-45-46

Neat and a natural cook?  I might just keep her around.

TS3 2017-02-20 18-52-19-78

Holy motherfu–

Ariadne:  Take that bitches.  I’m gorgeous and now you wish I had been the heiress.


TS3 2017-02-20 18-54-47-80

Some guy related to Brenna:  I hear a hot chick had a birthday.  I got dibs.

No, no you don’t.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-01-06-15

Amalia:  Someday, you will actually learn to speak.  I swear.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-14-06-69

Tucker:  Grandma is being creepy.  I’ll save you!

TS3 2017-02-20 19-26-25-37

Grape Steel-Wisp: So, I hear your marriage is on the rocks.  I’m available.

I finally chose Amalia’s new LTW!

TS3 2017-02-20 19-27-07-05

She quits her job in athletics to become a Chess Legend, another LTW I have never completed.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-27-48-02

Omg.  I CAN’T wait for that baby to be born.  It was definitely a shotgun marriage.  Ursula is a co-founder in Heroes and Villains.  Jade is a Chiffon offspring.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-28-07-18

Oh and her sister nabbed Douglas’ dad.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-28-40-73

Amalia:  Who’s the badass!  Yes, ME!

TS3 2017-02-20 19-29-37-04

Grape:  Your daughter is a stupid cheater!  Screw her!

Tucker:  You can get your ass out of my house, right now.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-32-18-51

The next opponent was at work, so Amalia had some free time to work out.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-33-02-27

And then she maxed her athletic skill.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-35-45-99

I never could understand what everyone sees in Merlot.  He is so gross in my games.  He’s the next opponent and so let’s go crush him.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-38-43-67

TS3 2017-02-20 19-48-26-62

Or not.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-47-58-34

Brick:  Gwampa, stop abusing Gwamma!

TS3 2017-02-20 19-49-54-07

Merlot was distracted by the fighting, which let Amalia win.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-50-47-43

Brick:  Dey can’t find me in here!

TS3 2017-02-20 19-56-24-44

Amalia:  So, you got knocked up by Butterscotch?

Brianna:  Yeah, so?

Amalia:  He’s was mine first.

TS3 2017-02-20 19-59-32-76

Amalia:  I can’t play while you have that disgusting hair.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-04-28-65

Amalia:  Better.  Let’s do this!  Woo!  Imma kick your ass!

TS3 2017-02-20 20-08-06-58

Or not.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-08-44-74

Keely:  My oldest grandson has the same favorite color as me.

Ariadne:  Thats..lovely mother.  Go away now.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-09-10-61

Brick: Block!

TS3 2017-02-20 20-24-38-69

There we go!  Wooo.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-37-20-95

Oh dear God.  That face.  Merlot should never breed.  How Cherry Blossom had such decent offspring, I’ll never know.  They must take after their father’s side.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-38-02-28

Ariadne almost did something interesting.  Then she put the guitar down seconds after picking it up.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-38-06-32

Douglas:  I’m being interesting.

No you’re not.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-38-21-35

Keely:  I cleaned the house.  Now where’s Tucker to clean out my pipes.


TS3 2017-02-20 20-38-42-77

Tucker was actually cleaning out the potty.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-41-57-56

Amalia:  Imma kick your ass, Brennan.

Brennan:  Not if I steal the horsies.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-42-59-63

Douglas:  I need woohoo and I’m willing to pay.

Cherry Blossom:  I don’t do cheaters.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-43-16-18

Brennan:  Your house is ugly.

Amalia:  I know.  The decorator fails at life.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-44-13-75

Amalia:  I’m probably going to go into labor any minute now.  Stick around because I’ll plop that thing out and get right back at the game.

Brennan:  If you say so.

TS3 2017-02-20 20-45-08-44

Everyone: OMG! She’s in labor!

TS3 2017-02-20 20-46-54-81

Of course that means someone else is having one too!

TS3 2017-02-20 20-48-29-70

I won’t make you wait this time around!

TS3 2017-02-20 20-53-04-26

Bram was born even though Amalia wanted a girl.  There was also kids music and tv playing everywhere, but no luck forcing twins.

Bram is a charismatic loner.  He likes Soul (like Brick), Key Lime Pie and Yellow.


Douglas was asleep, but here is his missing information.

I’m contemplating a third pregnancy to let her have a girl, but who knows.   No fails this time around!


Torch-Holders: 2
Births: 4
Twin Births: 1
Passing out:  6
Self-Wetting: 4
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 3
Honor Roll: 6
Accidental Death: 1


5 thoughts on “1.1: Surprise Beauty

  1. Oh wow, Adriadne, you gorgeous thing! I now realise why Tucker and Keely had the late-in-life child, she’s the prettiest of the lot!

    I’m with you on the Merlot face, do not understand why everyone always fawns over him. Coke Chimeree is way better looking 🙂

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