1.0: Generation Black



TS3 2017-02-21 11-00-39-42

Welcome to back to A Small ISBI where Amalia starts off Generation Black!


First things first, here is the poll result.  I was going to leave it open for a generation or two, but after over a week with no new vote, I knew it was time to call it quits.

So, we will add in Supernatural, which is hysterically perfect, as you will see later on this generation, of which I played pretty darn far ahead.

TS3 2017-02-20 12-38-13-43

As you may recall, Amalia completed her LTW prior to being voted heiress.  Now, she just sits around waiting for a new one to be chosen.  She works on her logic and athletic skills while I decide.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-03-07-31

Tucker:  I am going to sit here until you give me back my viewing option.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-03-38-91

Keely paints randomly still.

Amalia:  I have no clue what I’m doing, so I’m faking it.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-04-35-04

Tucker and Keely on freewill means woohoo all day long.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-05-45-69

Amalia:  I need minty fresh breath.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-07-19-48

Amalia:  I have had this wish locked in for years.  I even brushed beforehand in your bathroom.
Butterscotch:  Your mintiness turns me on.  And this isn’t my house.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-08-20-21

Locked in as a teen.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-08-18-28

Rolled after flirting with him one time.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-08-44-96

Amalia:  Taste the mintiness.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-09-02-06

Amalia:  That was wonderful.  *swoon*

TS3 2017-02-20 13-11-17-94

Mikado kicked her out of the house for being inappropriate.  That’s when we find out that Butterscotch was hunted down while he was visiting his brother.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-20-40-52

The family is borderline poor still, so Amalia runs off to take an athletic class and get a job here.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-21-37-72

The Unwanted Child is still around.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-22-03-12

Keely:  I’ve got three tickets to paradise.
Tucker:  I’ll pack my bags.  We’ll leave tonight.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-23-23-24

The Unwanted Child:  I pooped my diaper.
Keely:  You know how to use the potty, dammit.  Let’s go have your birthday so I don’t have to change your nasty ass.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-24-14-51

Tucker: *toot*

TS3 2017-02-20 13-25-19-11

Tucker clone?

TS3 2017-02-20 13-33-08-22

Amalia:  *brushbrushbrush*

TS3 2017-02-20 13-37-11-46

Amalia:  Want to watch my porn collection?
Douglas:  We haven’t even kissed before!

TS3 2017-02-20 13-38-28-86

Amalia:  *smoosh*  I even brushed the taste of my last man away first.  Go me!

TS3 2017-02-20 13-39-31-61

Amalia:  So, want to practice those positions we just learned?
Douglas:  Are you flexible?
Amalia:  I work out. *wink*

TS3 2017-02-20 13-43-22-63

Amalia:  That was passably fun.  Wannabe mine?
Douglas:  Couldn’t this have waited until after my nap?

TS3 2017-02-20 13-45-04-20

Amalia:  Might as well make this legit.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-45-31-86

TS3 2017-02-20 13-45-47-04

Douglas:  Well, since you want it.  Okay.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-46-44-75

Douglas:  I can’t wait to be the father of your children and practice all the positions we can find trolling porn sites on the internet.
Amalia:  That is so sexy.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-47-01-55

Amalia:  I promise to have all my children while married to you.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-47-15-11

Douglas:  Are we done yet because I’m really, really tired.

TS3 2017-02-20 13-49-02-46

Meanwhile, back home.

Tucker:  Tell me to go to bed.  I’M SLEEPY!

TS3 2017-02-20 14-02-51-10

Amalia:  So, my favorite color is black and yours is grey.  Suddenly, I find this new color scheme depressing.
Douglas:  I can cheer you up and then we can finally go to bed.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-04-28-50

Amalia has a middle of the night craving for pancakes.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-05-06-17

Awww, Breena and Ace got knocked up!

TS3 2017-02-20 14-05-34-29

Amalia:  Ew, I don’t want burnt pancakes!

TS3 2017-02-20 14-06-36-24

So, I made her throw them out and make new ones.  She then called the family to eat because Keely was starving herself to death.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-07-23-12

Keely:  I don’t want pancakes.  I do want a cure for my two black eyes.


TS3 2017-02-20 14-08-37-79

Keely:  You smell like sex.  Go shower.
Amalia:  Hey, I’m a married lady.  I plant to smell like sex all the time,

TS3 2017-02-20 14-10-02-41

Unwanted Child:  I have to pee.
Keely:  Then go to the bathroom, dumbass.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-12-48-92

Unwant- QUIT CALLING ME THAT!  *pees on the floor in rage*
Douglas:  Your little sister is a dumbass.
Amalia:  A total unwanted child of a dumbass.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-14-17-10

Keely:  Is it too late to leave her on a doorstep somewhere?

TS3 2017-02-20 14-14-37-58

Amalia has the hots for Butterscotch.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-15-47-54

She spends her free time now doing absolutely nothing useful.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-16-06-20


TS3 2017-02-20 14-17-32-45

A laptop, boombox, baseball, football, weird birdhouse thing, four paintings and a vase.  After selling it all, Douglas sells his inventory of another boombox.  I let him keep his laptop though.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-18-56-62

Keely and Amalia working out together.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-29-48-45

Keely:  Thanks for finally fixing my shitty ass makeup.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-39-35-15

Amalia: I’m giving birth to a stink cloud!

TS3 2017-02-20 14-45-17-72

Douglas is a workaholic, so that’s why he gets to keep his laptop.  He is working very, very hard.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-46-29-43

Amalia is back at the chess board.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-47-46-07

After school Ariadne heads to do some opportunity.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-48-15-50

Afterwards she stood outside with her stink cloud of pee.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-48-32-65

Tucker had an opportunity too, and never returned home.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-50-09-30

Amalia paints for the nursery.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-52-39-12

Ariadne:  My stink cloud form my math answers for me.  It’s better than a calculator and a magic 8 ball combined.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-53-23-07

Tucker:  Hurry up and give me grandkids, slacker.

TS3 2017-02-20 14-53-44-71

Douglas is still hard at work and Amalia is satisfying yet another food craving.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-03-03-86

Douglas:  I love you.
Amalia:  Just hurry up so you’ll go to bed without passing out on the floor.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-04-17-95

Ariadne:  Me and Stinky are going to bed.  Night!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-06-49-03

Tucker is still at the school calling random people up and chatting.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-23-43-17

The next time I check up on him, I find him safely at home shooting flaming hoops.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-25-41-09
TS3 2017-02-20 15-26-54-34TS3 2017-02-20 15-26-42-07
TS3 2017-02-20 15-26-30-02TS3 2017-02-20 15-26-49-01

So, people are starting to kick off and give out money.  The family is now pretty well off.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-34-30-02

Ariadne:  I swam and my stink cloud went away. Sad smile

No, I’m pretty sure it went when you finally took a goddamn shower.  Now, don’t you dare kill yourself.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-34-53-62

Tucker and Amalia, the workout buddies.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-37-00-59

Keely:  I’m free as a bird.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-37-33-04

Tucker:  Oh Dear Lord, someone cover that shit up!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-38-13-19

Amalia:  Mother, my husband doesn’t need to see you naked.  In fact, no one the world deserves that fate.  Get dressed!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-41-06-89

Amalia:  I just wanted to have a nice group outing with you, Butterscotch.  I promise I won’t bust up your romance with that one girl.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-43-08-95

Butterscotch:  Oh easel, will you ever forgive me for screwing Amalia?

TS3 2017-02-20 15-44-06-22

With all the death money, Amalia treats herself to a $7,500 package, something I have never done.

I then realized that she was going to be in there for like 8 hours.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-45-23-80

I went to follow Tucker around, but he was sleeping.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-46-39-58

Keely:  Want to see my porn collection?  Let me grab my old Polaroid collection from the ‘70’s.
Tucker:  How come I never got to see that collection?

TS3 2017-02-20 15-46-58-49

Douglas:  EWWW!  No way!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-47-26-21

Keely:  I can’t believe you don’t want to see my vintage collection.
Douglas:  Okay, you talked me into it.  Let’s go see this collection.
Tucker: What is going on here?

TS3 2017-02-20 15-48-00-86

Keely:  Eww.  I was just joking!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-47-42-51

Douglas:  *gasp*  But, you flirted first!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-52-23-30

Amalia:  I’m knocked up.

We are aware of that.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-52-30-25

She’s also got a week long moodlet that proves that she spent a fortune.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-53-24-57

Ariadne spends her time either in the pool or playing chess.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-53-44-43

Amalia:  I may be mellowed out, but not mellow enough to put up with you flirting with my man.  Move it, Mother!  Move that ass into an early grave!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-54-44-17

Amalia: Homework.  Now.
Ariadne:  Don’t wanna!

TS3 2017-02-20 15-55-43-96

Douglas:  I think my marriage is in jeopardy.

TS3 2017-02-20 15-57-14-62

Amalia had nothing to do and everyone was asleep, so I made her go out jogging.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-01-19-83

I figured she was going to pop soon, so she jogged back home.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-02-10-24

When she got home, we find out that Tucker never went to sleep at all.  I need to remember to buy him a new bed now that he refuses to sleep with Keely.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-03-37-10

He has resorted to either working out or staring out windows for his entertainment.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-04-51-85

Amalia overuses the moodlet manager.  I think she’s addicted.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-09-05-52

Then it was just a bit of time shooting hoops.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-10-41-99


TS3 2017-02-20 16-10-45-76

I haven’t really posted much about the town this time, but they do live.

TS3 2017-02-20 16-11-53-34

Next time, we’ll find out if she gets her wish.


The Golden Plumbob’s are out guys.  Go Vote for me!


Torch-Holders: 2
Births: 2
Twin Births: 1
Passing out:  6
Self-Wetting: 4 (1)
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 3
Honor Roll: 5
Accidental Death: 1


2 thoughts on “1.0: Generation Black

  1. Oh Magenta, you could do so much better than Shark Racket. But hey, any babies are better than no babies.

    I need that ‘no viewing’ mod you got for your idiots, where did you find it?

    The colour scheme may be depressing, but Douglas is really adorable. He makes excellent faces!

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