0.4: A Small Chapter


TS3 2016-12-30 09-23-07-44

Welcome back!  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  Everyone here was sick (except for me) and a family member of Old Guy had open heart surgery and another one was trying to stay healthy so they could have the same surgery, so we had to stay home to keep them safe from our germs.  We had a quiet day with just the three of us.  Damn those blocked arteries!

We last left off a week ago after my power blinked out.

TS3 2016-12-30 09-37-05-22

On reload, Tucker and Amalia were still playing chess.

TS3 2016-12-30 09-38-27-93

Ace was just standing in the hallway.

TS3 2016-12-30 09-40-01-98

And Aric had his dead gaze on a painting in the old nursery.

Why the hell do they go from painting to painting constantly just to “view” it?  It drives me nuts.

And lastly, Keely is at work.

TS3 2016-12-30 09-41-56-31

Ace:  Why is that painting there?  I HATE it!

Ace woke up from his hallway nap and viewed the kitchen painting.

TS3 2016-12-30 09-42-57-81

I can’t even buy him anything fun to do.

TS3 2016-12-30 09-44-33-70

Are you peeing in the flowers?
Ace:  No!  Just looking at them.

TS3 2016-12-30 11-04-50-82

Keely:  Couldn’t you wait three minutes while I cooked?
Aric:  Sorry, I was starving!
Tucker:  Me too.

Just ignore Amalia.  She is viewing the plant.

TS3 2016-12-30 11-08-48-64

TS3 2016-12-30 11-09-26-14

TS3 2016-12-30 11-09-54-20

Everyone eventually went to bed and finally something interesting happens, just not in the active family.

TS3 2016-12-30 11-17-32-63

Aric:  We should have a party.
Amalia:  Do you think brushing my teeth will help after I get smelly.
Aric:  I….what?

TS3 2016-12-30 11-18-02-92

Aric:  *gasp*
Amalia:  Now, do you get it?  I think brushing my teeth will help in this situation.

TS3 2016-12-30 11-23-12-34

TS3 2016-12-30 11-23-26-97

Keely brought in her income and then Tucker’s weekly salary came in later that Sunday.  They bought a telescope (for Amalia) and a pool for some fun.

Keely had made dinner after work, but everyone had gone to bed.  The next morning (Sunday), everyone ate the spoiled food and the day was spent puking everywhere.

TS3 2016-12-30 11-47-47-75

Sunday night, Keely did it.

TS3 2016-12-30 11-23-54-60
TS3 2016-12-30 11-24-00-68
TS3 2016-12-30 11-24-03-84

We got the fridge!  Woo!

TS3 2016-12-30 11-27-00-90

What?  No!  She’s ours!  ….didn’t he already have a girl?

TS3 2016-12-30 11-57-59-47

Aww, Douglas aged up and turned out cute.  If we had Supernatural installed, he’d be a fairy.  I saw his wings in CAS.


TS3 2016-12-30 12-02-13-50

TS3 2016-12-30 12-02-59-52

TS3 2016-12-30 12-03-38-37

TS3 2016-12-30 12-05-36-27

TS3 2016-12-30 12-05-46-21

TS3 2016-12-30 12-07-28-73

TS3 2016-12-30 11-51-47-32

Monday brings us some romance and Amalia and Aric snuck in their birthday announcement.

TS3 2016-12-30 12-06-47-01

With the kids off to school, I finally let these two woohoo to celebrate her completing her LTW.

TS3 2016-12-30 12-08-05-34

Invigorated after the bed romp, Tucker works on the fire truck.

TS3 2016-12-30 12-09-31-64

Then lounges by the pool.  In his formal wear, no less.

TS3 2016-12-30 12-11-03-21

TS3 2016-12-30 12-11-46-50

TS3 2016-12-30 12-12-50-36

Finally, an emergency happens.  It’s the 4th one at this particular house, I swear.

He made about $3,000, but more importantly, three lives were saved!

TS3 2016-12-30 12-16-49-53

Waffles for dinner.  The girl came home with Ace and we found out (by accident) that her favorite food was waffles.

TS3 2016-12-30 12-19-40-34

Time for cake!  Woo!  We had to set up outside because the table was full of plates and the visitor was doing her homework.

TS3 2016-12-30 12-34-56-21

Amalia adds Athletic

TS3 2016-12-30 12-44-50-53

Aric adds Great Kisser.


We will stop here so that I can get the heir poll up for you guys.  I will probably leave it up until right before they have birthdays.


Torch-Holders: 1
Passing out:  4
Self-Wetting: 1
Top Career: 2
Completing LTW: 1

Honor Roll: 3


One thought on “0.4: A Small Chapter

  1. I so agree about the ‘view’ thing with paintings – pretty sure that’s an Insane thing. Very annoying! Maybe one of your friends at Naughty Sims Aslyum could help with a mod?

    Amalia has a long face, but it works for her. Going to be a tough choice for heir poll.

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