A Small Note or Two


A small note:  Some of you might have had this new blog bookmarked.  The blog is several years old and has hosted any number of failed challenges, including a Doppleganger Challenge, a 3 Little Sims Challenge, an Asylum challenge…and the list goes on.  Hopefully this one does not join them in death.

A second small note:  I am adding sims to town (most of Twinbrook is old and dead-ish now), so if you want Legacy sims or spares to populate Twinbrook, let me know.  So far, I have sims from the Creeper Legacy, Skipton ISBI, Heroes and Villains, OPB gave me a secret (or not so secret) link to Reaver Pierce from Heart of Insanity and she has promised me Simon Tragedy soon unless she forgets.  Then I might cry (lol).  Cocaine Chimeree and several of his family members moved in on the same day as Keely.  I have some Rourke EPICs, Splash of Color‘s Celly Bitters, and I couldn’t very well leave out RSGNM‘s, Moss family.  Holy crap….Then there is a Mendoza, a Derpington (Welcome back, Derpington’s!), Cristina Winchester, and Grape Whisp.

Anyone that is on a family tree together, will be added in a siblings since I might have a sim from a single family, but different generations.


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