0.0 Small Beginnings


TS3 2016-12-15 10-42-10-34

Welcome to Twinbrook!  I know I just completed an ISBI, but let’s do another, just a bit differently.

TS3 2016-12-15 10-51-09-85

Tucker Small is actually a made-over, non-vamped, Dante Morganthe (Moonlight Falls).  I was bored and trolling old saves one day and found him wasting away in an abandoned, 3 year old challenge.  I plopped him in Twinbrook, de-vamped him and changed his name (I randomized once in CAS) and the Small ISBI was born.

Marc:  A new legacy?  I’m up for being a spouse!
Sorry, Marc, Tucker is playing it straight this time.

TS3 2016-12-15 10-51-46-11

Marc:  IF WA was installed we could go to China and eat tofu squares (?)

Tucker had some random traits, so I randomized them more and added Insane.  His LTW is now Firefighter Super Hero.  He ran off and joined that career first thing.

TS3 2016-12-15 10-53-31-89

Ooo…Twinbrook’s Fire Dept. has skill objects! Nice!

TS3 2016-12-15 11-21-25-70

Tucker only has $1,800 because we are going back to the days of buying a lot and being broke.  After furnishing his lot, he had $105 left over.  He spent that money on one handiness book and one cookbook.   He then sold them for $43 each when he was done.

There is a major issue with the library.  There are no skill books and the books that are there have no titles.  It must be because they all live in a swampy slum and the town council hasn’t spent money on anything but hookers and drugs for decades.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-21-48-14

Tucker:  That guy must have fallen on some hard times.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-22-29-95

Don’t knock it til you try it!
Tucker:  Ooo, a rug!   And TISSUES!

TS3 2016-12-15 11-23-10-77

Blue shirt lady: But that’s my dumpster!
Tucker:  Ooo..another rug!  Yes!

TS3 2016-12-15 11-24-40-75

Smelling like last month’s spaghetti, Tucker heads to work for a shower.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-28-08-38

Then he either found this workout area at work or we went to the gym…I can’t remember.  He gained his first athletic point though.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-31-27-80

His house isn’t really anything to show off.  He has a twin bed, a toilet, a fridge, a counter and a fire alarm.  His first meal is a salad.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-33-10-62

He sells his two rugs and tissues and buys an easel.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-34-04-78

Not even artistic and it sells for $39.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-38-43-76

Decent looking new immigrant, but I am not having any Tart genes in this ISBI,  go away.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-41-04-38

Get used to this, guys.  His first week he spends 10-12 hours a day at work.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-42-03-63

TS3 2016-12-15 11-42-25-70

Tucker:  They call this a small fire?

TS3 2016-12-15 11-44-15-53

Tucker grabs some cereal for lunch and I look around town for a spouse*.

*I didn’t find one.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-44-52-17

After lunch, Tucker found a water beetle.

TS3 2016-12-15 11-45-10-42

He got his first promotion!  Of course, this is the easiest job to top, but we’re here to save lives, people!

TS3 2016-12-15 12-07-32-76

Charmaine Manne is a new homeless firefighter.  She was really overweight, so I took her into CAS and found out that she was sort of cute.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-08-22-90

Tucker disagrees, but he forgets who is really in charge.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-10-49-96

Juice for lunch today.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-12-59-69

Tucker:  How do you set an empty garage on fire?

TS3 2016-12-15 12-14-08-52

Tucker:  What in the world would you be doing with incense in an empty garage.
Unnamed Source:  Don’t ask questions you’ll regret hearing the answers to.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-13-42-77

Tart’s, they’re like cockroaches.  I swear I have Tart’s turned off in SP.  Sheesh.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-13-54-99

Another promotion.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-16-30-05

Keeping her on the back burner for a spouse, I put her in a house and then she goes off and starts a life.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-17-46-18

Another late night at work.  He can’t go home after work until the fire truck and alarm have been maintained and/or upgraded.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-19-42-41

Then it was the Attack of the Clones around here.  72 homeless women that all looked like this.  We deleted them, saved and exited.  Luckily on return, only a male and female husband/wife team showed up.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-28-27-01

This is what Tucker does between sleeping and going to work.  I’m pretty sure this sold on Day 3 for $43.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-31-29-95

It was angry gnome day at work.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-46-07-58

TS3 2016-12-15 12-46-40-76

Then he got a service award for it.  Nice.  Too bad it wasn’t a raise.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-55-21-64

Tucker went back to work to maintain the fire engine and at about 11pm, he got another promotion.

TS3 2016-12-15 12-57-11-58

Tucker now has a light and a stove!

TS3 2016-12-15 12-58-52-65

After enjoying his waffles, it was off to work.  Again.

Tucker:  I need a life!
There’s just no time between sleep and work and sleeping again.  Sorry.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-01-59-96

I was watching him break down this door and I pondered why the hell we didn’t just go through the archway…or why the lady he saved didn’t exit through it.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-09-11-51

2/30 lives saved!

Fudge Tart did this job back about 5 years ago, but I don’t think he ever completed the LTW portion.  In fact, didn’t he change jobs?  I can’t remember now.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-10-36-20

We finally see his bedroom/bathroom area.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-18-25-30

A good night’s rest means that he is pretty damn perky the next day and adds a horsepower or two to the fire truck.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-27-18-34

After work, Tucker heads over to Charmaine’s house.  No, they didn’t do anything.  He woke her up and he’s in his swim shorts, because Insanity rules the outfits.

Tucker: I’m just here to see if I like you now.
Charmaine:  I was betrayed by three men in town and now all the elders were killed off, making the pickings slim.
Tucker:  Welp, nice knowing ya!

TS3 2016-12-15 13-30-13-99

Tucker:  I hear there’s single women here.  Move out the way!
Lenny:  I’m keeping the wimmen to me.  Get out, you uniformed studmuffin.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-30-45-45

Keely:  You’re really hot.
Tucker:  Yes, I am.
Keely: …
Tucker:  Uhm..I mean so are you!

TS3 2016-12-15 13-31-09-79

Tucker:  Did I mention that I’m a firefighter?
Keely:  OMG! No way!  I just thought it was Halloween!

TS3 2016-12-15 13-32-29-61

Friends!  Oh and first flirt.

I’m actually playing Keely in another save, so I wasn’t actually going to romance her…

TS3 2016-12-15 13-33-06-56

But Tucker really, really likes her.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-34-52-02

…And then Tucker was confused when Keely left and two seconds later bought a new house.  He rushed right over.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-35-34-11

Keely:  Oh Mr. Fireman, I have a fire in my pants that only you can put out.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-36-00-74

Tucker:  I don’t see any smoke or flames.
Keely:  Oh, they’re there.  Get in here and I’ll show you up close and personal.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-36-43-26

Tucker informs her again that he is a firefighter and she acts happily surprised.  Again.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-37-34-63

Tucker:  I’m really hungry, but I’m not leaving until you’re mine.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-38-15-02

TS3 2016-12-15 13-39-05-52

Tucker: In fact, I’m not leaving until you marry me and move in.

I must have gotten rid of one of my SP modules, because she sold her house, but we didn’t get her money.  In fact, she only brought a cheap car and $5,000.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-40-59-40

Keely:  Omg, this place is a mess!
She didn’t say a word about the no roof or furniture though.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-41-03-98

They now have about $5,900.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-43-01-51

Keely:  Ooo, a new bed!  We have to try it out!

TS3 2016-12-15 13-49-52-02

I found a tv in with his water beetle!  The toilet is joined by walls, a door and a shower.   His awards are strewn all over the place now too.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-50-00-69

The fridge was upgraded because Keely kept getting bad moodlets (she’s a chef) from it.  A second counter and a sink were added before they ran out of money.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-57-22-32

It’s the weekend and they have honeymoon time off, so with nothing much to do, Tucker makes everything unbreakable.  Then Keely runs in and we find out that a baby is definitely on the way.  There is nothing for her to do except watch tv and woohoo.  LOL

Tucker literally keeps everything to upgrade queued, but stops to woohoo between objects.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-57-54-03

I wasn’t joking.  He was supposed to be heading to make the sink unbreakable, but Keely needed a tune up.

TS3 2016-12-15 13-59-58-85

Please don’t make that face ever again.  What are you yelling at anyway?

TS3 2016-12-15 14-00-08-44

What?  No, no kidz channel!

TS3 2016-12-15 14-01-08-36

Tucker gained a handiness skill upgrading the toilet and got a promotion about an hour before his stipend!

TS3 2016-12-15 14-01-57-39

He ended up getting the $1,132!  So exciting!

TS3 2016-12-15 14-05-00-90

With their cash on hand hitting $3200, the stove was upgraded and a new sink was bought.  Tucker makes the stove fireproof and then the sink unbreakable.  Keely’s feet show that she is still watching the kidz channel.

TS3 2016-12-15 14-05-40-75

After everything was upgraded, Tucker ran over and finished his painting to free up the easel.  Keely finally turns off the tv and heads straight for the easel.

TS3 2016-12-15 14-07-21-77


TS3 2016-12-15 14-08-40-70

Then it was straight back to bed for her.

TS3 2016-12-15 14-12-02-92

At 4am Monday morning, the final object was upgraded and Tucker nets another promotion.  A quick peek shows that this is level 8 and he has still only been at work for 5 days and saved only two lives.

TS3 2016-12-15 14-12-39-89

Keely started a new painting, which she just left like this.

TS3 2016-12-15 14-24-02-88

Her new thing was to get plate after plate of salad and eating it.  Worried for health and girth, I bought her a guitar, which she loves.

Oh and here is her intro card, I just opened my game and shoved it on her pic for you.  She has a decent cooking skill and is level 5 or 6 at her job.

There’s a page with my rules yonder behind the pull out tab on the left.

Torch-Holders: 1


7 thoughts on “0.0 Small Beginnings

    • It’s actually pretty fun. I have 3 more chapters ready to post (I had a marathon session the other day). The Tart’s just need to infect everything, but I thwarted them by downloading a bunch of sims to add to the game next time I load up. 😀

    • She had an issue, so her face was randomized twice and her eyes widened. I delete all my homeless sims, so I do not know how often she shows up. I wish I had thought to take a before pic.

      This is fun, more than I expected it to be.

      • ThuggishSplicer

        LOL, I discovered that later. I usually keep all homeless sims and Charmaine is still sort of ugly. I like her hair color, though.

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