3.2: So Long, Farewell


TS3 2017-10-15 15-43-13-85

TS3 2017-10-15 15-43-48-46

Recap:  Misti and Clia are both pregnant now.  They are both married.  Misti has a thing for Bram.  Small cliffhanger was seen too.  The end.

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3.1: Dancing is Hot


TS3 2017-10-15 15-04-01-34.jpg

Last time, Clia and Cadmus took over and started generation 4, Aqua & White.  Clia mainly kept things clean and repaired for her first few days while waiting for Cadmus to age up.  Clia gets the reward to change out her mean spirited for something else.  Cadmus gets a criminal job and finds love with Misti Carmine-Rourke.

Oh and there was lots of dancing.   Above, Bram is celebrating Seasons at their first trip to the summer festival.

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Heir Poll Winner Is….


It’s a TIE!

Well this was unexpected.  Clia and Cadmus were back and forth and forth and back since the poll went up.

Clia was ahead for quite awhile and then the Cadmus fans snuck in out of nowhere.  I went to bed last night at 7 to 7 and today it was 8 to 8.

I want to play, so I did close the voting.

Clio understandably gets no votes, but I was surprised there wasn’t more Cillian love out there.  I was also surprised at how little impact Cale made.  He even comes with a boyfriend!

Between you and me, Cale, Clia, and Cadmus were favorites, so I’m quite pleased with your voting.

Stay tuned…

Heir Poll


TS3 2017-09-26 15-31-39-38.jpg

Traits: Absent-Minded, Virtuoso, Natural Cook, Lucky
LTW: Hit Movie Composer
Color: Purple
Prom Queen

TS3 2017-09-26 15-34-28-35

Traits: Mean Spirited, Bookworm, Artistic, Ambitious
LTW: Magic Makeover
Color: Aqua
Prom:  Romantic interest Cedric cheated the next morning

TS3 2017-09-26 15-28-24-82

Traits: Natural Cook, Artistic, Perceptive, Ambitious
Color:  Spice Brown
Prom: Nothing Notable happened.

TS3 2017-09-26 15-39-32-41

Traits: Good, Virtuoso, Nurturing, Perceptive.
LTW:  Hit Movie Composer
Color: White
Prom: Prom King. The only one to have an actual date.  He is now going steady with Nathaniel O’Reilly.

TS3 2017-09-26 15-38-45-32

Traits: Commitment Issues, Kleptomaniac, Charismatic, Computer Whiz
Color:  White
Prom:  Met Misti Rourke-Chiffon and they are romantic.

The poll is on the sidebar and will be open for one week..


Facial Comparisons


The heir poll is coming up real soon and I thought we would address the Face Clone issues.  Clio and Clia are almost face clones.  One of Danette, the other of Amalia.

Clio is almost a face clone of Bram/Amalia.  The only difference is the lips and nose.  She has Amalia’s eye color.

Well, here is Clia with her parents on either side.  They are very similar in looks, but she’s not a complete face clone.  Clia gets her eye color from somewhere on Danette’s family tree.

Poor Cillian and his squished face.  He looks a lot like Danette, but squished into Carmine Chiffon’s head shape.  He has her skin color and is the only one with Bram’s green eyes.

Cale has Danette’s skin, Amalia’s eyes and gets his hair color from grandpa Carmine Chiffon.

Cadmus is the most different looking of them all.  He has Danette’s eye color, eye shape and lips, Bram’s hair and nose, and he has Carmine Chiffon’s pink skin.